Rent appartment in Holland

Avoid scams

Be aware of scammers

It can happen on online housing platforms that scammers are active. Scammers try to steal money or documents for identity fraud from home seekers by placing a fake ad. CityHome4You wants to prevent scammers from being active on its platform and therefore does its utmost to achieve this. CityHome4You strives to personally check each landlord, all verified landlords can be recognized by the “verified” label in the home advertisements. In addition, CityHome4You has a secure booking system where the first month's rent is received by CityHome4You. That way, we do not give scammers a chance to make money from a fake ad. Despite our secure booking system and all our best efforts, scams cannot always be prevented. Therefore, be alert and read below how you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim of illegal practices.

Always be alert

All verified homes have been checked by CityHome4You, CityHome4You visited the landlord to check the homes. The verified homes are then presented truthfully and the presentation is done by CityHome4You and not by the landlord. We do this so that a tenant is not faced with surprises upon arrival.

When a  home has not been “verified” by CityHome4You, this means that we at CityHome4You have not yet carried out a home check. In this case it is therefore important that you as a home seeker are alert. Even though your booking is always secured by CityHome4You, because we only transfer the first month's rent to the landlord, after you have entered the house as a tenant and this has not caused any problems. We advise to be especially alert after the booking has been confirmed.

Pay the deposit only upon arrival

Hosts may contact you after booking is confirmed. It is therefore possible that landlords request payment of a deposit or the delivery of important documents. We therefore recommend that you always pay the deposit only when entering the house. We also recommend that you hand over important documents to the landlord only upon arrival. We recommend that you make proper arrangements with the landlord before entering the home.

In this way you can always protect yourself against illegal practices and you will always be able to find a suitable home on CityHome4You. Are there any problems when arriving at the booked house? Then we will provide a suitable solution. For example, we will look for a similar accommodation, or you will receive the full amount paid back from us.

If a private landlord contacts you to rent out a house outside CityHome4You, are you aware that CityHome4You cannot do anything for you when illegal activities take place from a landlord. If you do not trust a landlord, please contact CityHome4You as a precaution. We can always determine whether a landlord can be trusted.

Tips when using other websites and platforms

We at CityHome4You check as many homes as possible and we have a secure booking system. However, not all websites and platforms do this. That is why we give some tips when you rent directly from a private landlord. Firstly, it is smart to always check in the land register whether the owner of the home or living space is really the owner. To check, you can ask if the landlord identifies himself. Always check if the website or platform has a phone number. For example, you can call to check whether a serious team is working for the website or platform. After all, providing a good service remains human work, so you must be able to reach the people who provide this service. In addition, there is always a golden rule when renting out homes: if something is too good to be true, it often is. So never just share personal information or documents.

Is it normal to pay to respond to a property?

At CityHome4You, the first month's rent is debited to you after a booking has been accepted. As a result, we guarantee the landlord that you are a serious tenant. In addition, in this way we ensure that this first month's rent is paid to the landlord after you have entered, so that the booking is always safe.

A dutch real estate agent may only charge costs if you ask him to find a living space for you that is not part of his own housing offer. This refers to all homes where the owner has asked the real estate agent to look for a tenant. It is therefore only possible for a broker to charge brokerage costs if you have instructed him to look for a place to live outside his own housing offer.