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Register on CityHome4You in just 5 minutes by filling in your personal details. Add your home(s) and set your own house rules and pricing.

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We are coming to check the home, make pictures, a 360 degree virtual tour and a floorplan. We add all these details and from now on your property is verified on CityHome4You! We will offer our free service to make pictures, a 360 degree virtual tour, a floorplan and a full description of your property.

Online booking process

We checked the properties so tenants don’t have to. We take out the hassle of finding a tenant. No more visits or phone calls for you!

Booking requests

Potential tenants do bookings requests, that you can easily accept or refuse online. Once you accepted a tenant, contact details will be changed out with your tenant. Move in date and time can be arranged.

Welcome your new tenant

All you have to do is welcoming your new tenant by handing over the key and sign the rental agreement, besides the deposit can be handed over by the tenant.